Photos ready for the Holidays! I am running my Santa and Reindeer Minis again this year! I have dates available in November and December. **These sessions will NOT actually have reindeer and Santa! These images are composite images. Although some children do love to get their photos with Santa and may love to pet a reindeer, I love this option for a few reasons!

  • You don't have to wait for the cold and snow! - I did the photos of my daughter that I used with these images in 60+ degree weather, in my driveway! In case you don't believe me, I'll post an example below! ;)
  • For those of you who have children that DO NOT like to sit with Santa or may be afraid of the big fluffy reindeer - this is a great option!
  • They are a great surprise for your children! - My daughter was obviously there for the actual photos, but once I showed her the finished product, her exact reaction was "Mom!! That's me! He IS real!" hahaha <3 She even told her brother she rode in a sleigh with the reindeer ;)

       This session will be booked like any normal session and will take place in the Girard/Lake City area. The finished product and a few samples are below!



Photos used in these images:

© Ashley McKelvey Photography


Santa and Reindeer Overlays by : Samantha Ruf Photography