Preparing for your Newborn Session


 Newborn Sessions take place between 5-14 days of birth. The sooner the better depending on how mama and baby feel. This allows for easy posing and making sure to capture all the little details of your newborns tiny features. It's also when babies sleep the easiest.

          Sessions are typically 2-3 hours allowing for any feeding, swaddling & cuddle time needed to put baby to sleep.

          The newborn images you see on my website are not only the outcome of my talent and creativity but the help of the parents being prepared.

          How should you prepare? - Make sure to bring all the necessities. Formula, anything needed for nursing, burp rags, diapers, wipes, a couple clean outfits, any personal items you would like in the photos (family heirlooms, favorite blanket/booties etc).

          If you live close, please feed your baby prior to coming. A full baby is a sleepy baby and this will help with saving some time in studio. If you live 45 mins+ away you're more than welcome to feed/nurse in the studio once you arrive. Always bring extra milk. Make sure to get a good burp out of your wee one. A gassy baby will be fussy and not want to sleep.

          Dress baby loosely about an hour before the session to eliminate any marks from clothing. Dress comfortably yourself. It is very warm in the studio to help baby to be comfortable and sleep. I will also need Mom and/or Dad's assistance in safe posing. If Mom/Dad will be included in the photos please refer to me for proper attire.

          Lastly, my newborn sessions are very calm, laid back and easy going. If your little one is very fussy, it's ok. There is time to calm and sooth them. I always look forward to capturing one of your most precious chapters in life! <3